Kickin’ It Old School: A ReBlog

I take grace for granted.
I take grace for luck.
I take grace where I go

In case get stuck.

I say that I need it
& I gobble it up.
I sin all I want
Because grace is enough.
Isn’t that true?
Why is it so wrong
To give into sin when the temptation’s so strong?
I’d never say it aloud
But deep down, I think it true.
I take grace for granted
So more wrong I can do.

It should not be this way—
You are free, you are free!
Reckon yourselves dead
& dead you shall be.

He has died, I am dead.
He’s alive, now I live
Free from sin, free from chains, free from the law but not grace.
I am free from the law under Your under-appreciated, un-understood, unbelievable, unfathomable, unwavering, unending, how could you possibly love me?! grace.

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