The past three months have been tumultuous. A lot of stuff. A lot of learning. 

Since the break of 2012, I have come to know myself in ways I wish I didn’t know myself. Does that make sense? I’ve proven what I’m fully capable of, in all of the worst ways.

I’ve hurt people. Really hurt people. 

I’ve been angry. Really angry.

I’ve thought about giving up- on myself, on others, on church, on camp.

But I haven’t. I guess that’s good. Although, this has only added fuel to my already critical fire. I’ve continued to view myself of less of a pessimist and more of a “realist”. Is there such a thing?

I’m finding that life is subject to opinion. Motives. Actions. Words. Nothing is cut and dry. There are always multiple perspectives. We are always right. They are always wrong.

I’m finding that we are in a war. A war against evil, a war against the sin in ourselves & each other. 

I’m finding the power in Scripture.

I’m finding the power of confession, the power of humility.

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