I think that I’m in love with the office laminator.

I’m serious. I think this could work.

I mean, we’re both single, hot, hardworking…people?

No. I am not desperate.

I wish I had wifi at my house. Maybe then I would actually live within the realms of the blogosphere. I often think about the life of bloggers and think “I could get down with that.”

Alas, no wifi. That makes blogging weird. It’s weird when I have to blog while John Drumgool sits and pounds (literally) out an email on his computer. Or reads me the updated weather report.

He’s not here right now so I can say that and it makes it okay.

That’s why I don’t blog. I have good intentions. I really do. 

Yeah, you’re right. Intentions count for nothing.

For the past three weeks, I haven’t had any desire to leave the house and come work in the office. I’ve just wanted to sleep. And watch Lie To Me. And marry a British man who will call me “Love”.

But now, now I want to be in the office and not at the house. I suppose that’s good since I have quite a large to-do-before-summer list accumulating on my desk.  But not any more. I’m checkin’ those suckers off like it’s no one’s business. I also suppose that it’s evidence that God is changing my heart. He’s up to something.

It’s so weird to think about how different life was just one year and one month ago: living at my parents house, working at The Manor. One year and one month ago, my best friend would not be getting married in 10 days, my baby brother would not be getting ready to graduate from college. 

Life was different in circumstance but even now, though events and people and places have rolled in and out of my life, the feeling is still lingering:


I guess that’s the point. Life is a battle. (Get out of my head, Pat Benetar!) Defeat is always a threat, always a rain cloud looming over your vacation week.

Always a threat but never an option.

There is always an agenda. Always a plan to be thwarted. Always a battle to be fought.

But we can not only choose victory, we can claim it because of who Christ is.

In Him, we are MORE than conquerers.

In Him, we are strong despite our weakness.

In Him, we are victors over our Opponent.

In Him, the battle is already won.

When defeat is lurking, when the skies are gloomy, when the answers only produce more questions, there is victory.

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