Sticks & Stones.

Jesus told us to put down our stones of judgement and pick up our crosses of humility.

I’m not sure that I like that idea.

Crosses are heavy & hard, blister-causing & back-breaking. Stones are light, always accessible, & easy to throw.


Why is it that we who stand on, root our lives into the ideas of forgiveness and grace live so far from them?

Why is it that I spend my nights, knocking down God’s door pleading for forgiveness and my days daydreaming about punching someone’s lights out in order to “teach them a lesson”?

We are not God. Thank God. I am not God.

It is not our duty or purpose to dole out judgement and consequence for sin.

Let. It. Go.

That’s not our job.

Beware! The scriptures warn.

Be+Aware= Beware.

Beware lest you fall into temptation yourself! Beware lest you think too highly of yourself. Beware.

For the first time in my life, I understand why our churches are empty. It is not because of Jesus. People do not have a problem with Jesus. It is because the hearts of so many believers are empty of the Spirit and full of themselves.

He is not a trick candle. He is a furnace. But stifling it over and over and over, quenching it, putting it out on purpose will only keep it at a slight smolder.

Do we not long for forest fires of the Spirit’s moving in our lives?! Do we not long to see salvation songs sung, sinners meet their Savior?

Well then drop the stones and pick up your crosses. Bear the burden of the depth of your sin. Past. Present. Future. Marvel at the grace that has set you free. Be thankful.

Then, share it. As a friend, as a coworker, as a stranger. Share it:

“This is where you are. This is where I WAS, where I AM. But, I have THIS. I have Jesus.”

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