The Next Best Thing

A journal entry from 8/25/11. It’s written by a seemingly different woman living a seemingly different life and, as is quite my style, it is not quite finished:

I’d like to figure out what I’m supposed to do with my life. Once I do that, I’d like to get a new job. Once I get a new job, I’d like to find a man. Once I find a man, I’d like to get married. Once I get married, I’d like to have babies. Once I have babies, I’d like to buy a house. Once I buy a house, I’d like to fill it with pretty things. Once I fill it with pretty things, I’d like a pool. Once I have my pool, I’d like to send my kids to good schools. Once they finish school, I’d like to marry them off. Once they’re married, I’d like me some grand babies. Once I have me some grand babies, I’d like to retire. Once I retire, I’d like to travel. Once I travel, I’d like to write a book. Once I write my book, I’d like to relax. While I relax, I will most certainly grow old. Once I grow old, I will most certainly die. As I die I will look back on my life. As I look back on my life, I will be filled with regret that I never lived my life with passion and purpose, just always pressing on to the next best thing.

As I write down these things, though I am living the beginning of this story, I must ask myself the question: what crown will I wear when I arrive in glory? One of earthly riches or righteousness? Of fiscal responsibility or faithfulness?

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