Thanksgiving Thursday

The fullness of our staff; the energy in the office; the release of sealing & mailing important letters; the grace of God- always full & always flowing!; Camp Day at Cairn; my new blog; funny YouTube videos;  old friends who live 1,000 miles away; old friends who are always within reach; time with Pastor Sanjoy & a challenge from God’s word; finally crying while writing a long, emotional, & necessary letter; my fail attempts at froyo; the sound of a pencil dragging across a page; a quick chat with an old work friend; cooking by head lamp; the adventure of independence; God’s perfectly thought-out plans and opportunities to experience them; sweating a lot at the gym; gluten-free macaroni & cheese; creating camp culture; making PowerPoint presentations (such a dork!); 1 John 4- over and over and over again; not being able to count the number of times that I cried laughing this week; lots of coffee- good, strong coffee; productivity; piecing together words to craft lovely things; buying my first snow boots; freshly fallen snow

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