FutureMe & A Letter from the Past

Have you heard about futureme.org? It’s this super cool site that allows you to craft and send emails to yourself at any given date in the future. I just got this email from 2012 Alyssa this morning. I thought it was beautiful. It made me smile and laugh and tear up all at the same time for a whole multitude of reasons.

But most of all, I thought that it warranted sharing. It’s New Year’s Eve! Write yourself something lovely, something that you need to hear.



I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re feeling more positive and healthy and content than I am back here in the past. Emilia and I sat and wrote out resolutions for 2013. I don’t think I even did that for 2012. I was so fed up with failure. Failing every year. Resolutions remind me of that: failure. They don’t seem to hold much hope or promise. They seem ill-fated.

This past year was hard for me. It was the hardest year for me. It felt like a year of regression, a year moving backwards. I hope that 2013 was different for you. If it’s not, it’s your fault really. I hope that you’ve thought positively and loved greatly and forgiven much and spoken kindly. If not, start now.

You are the words you speak and the love you give. Don’t forget that.

You’re 26. I’m 25. How is it, being 26? Being 25 seems the same as 24…except a little more lonely some days. I hope 26 is beautiful and exciting. I hope it’s kind.

I’m sure you’re much wiser in your old age. I hope you’ve figured out that this life isn’t about you or getting married or eating cookies or making money or fitting in. Your life is a mirror of Jesus for those who wander, for those who ache, for those who question. I can say that but I don’t believe it most days. Maybe you’ll be closer to living that than I am.

Don’t be discouraged by this email. Please.

The fact is that you have changed, whether you believe it or not. I can’t wait to see what you look like! Who you are! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve learned and who you’ve met and what you’ve seen.

Remember these things:

-You are beautiful- in every way. You are incredibly intricate in your creation and that is not a mistake. You were created to be beautiful and complicated and weird. That’s good. God did it on purpose.
-You can’t change the past or dictate the future. Live your best today. That’s all that you get: today. Tomorrow might not come.
-You don’t need someone to love you romantically to make you lovely. You are not your relationship status.
-Jesus is the answer to all of your questions. It’s Him. It’s always Him.

I love you, Alyssa. Please love yourself. You’re not done yet because He’s not done with you! Tell your parents that you love them. Tell Jamie. Kiss them, right on the face- regardless of how weird that seems to people.

–Alyssa of New Year’s Past

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