about me.

My name is Alyssa & I like a lot of things.

I still have yet to nail down a “career” path or a specific set of passions. I’m learning that it’s okay to like a lot of different stuff for no real reason. We don’t need to always live our lives with an agenda.

This site is dedicated to the things that I really like:

words, food, laughing, and of course, Jesus.

I live and walk and breath only by His grace every.single.day.

My life is consists, primarily, of people-pleasing, baking, and occasionally blogging: people-pleasing by occupation, baking by choice, writing by necessity.

Writing is the way that I process life- the way that I celebrate the triumphs, purge the hurts.

In themselves, these words have no power. They have all been used before. There is nothing new here, nothing noteworthy or novel. But behind each word, there is a story. That’s that piece that is unique: my story, my lens, my life– leaking onto paper through the tip of a pen.

And this is it.

As for the weird details:

  • I like the way my heart pounds after a large cup of coffee.
  • I find my place & purpose through service. I think that’s why the kitchen is my favorite place to be.
  • I could listen to whispery, Alt-Indie-Folk-Americana music all day, all night.
  • I live and work at summer camp. See “camp”.
  • I watch Jurassic Park too often. Like, WAY too often.

3 responses to “about me.

  1. I see “writing” in your future. You’re gifted to write, embrace it…
    Writing brings about healing, even for me. Continue writing and be blessed.

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